Meet The Staff

William Johnson – Chief Executive Officer


Will Johnson is a native of Holly Springs, MS and a graduate of Rust College with a B.A. in Mass Communication/Broadcast Journalism.  Will has always possessed a life long passion for sports and it was that passion that lead to the creation of the Sportzfam Media Group.  Will serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of the Sportzfam and envisions it as becoming “The Largest Sports Family On The Web”.

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Walter T. Donald III- President/ Sports Director


Walter T Donald III (affectionately known as Jerz) is product of Chicago’s south side. A proud graduate of Mt. Carmel High School furthering his education at Rust College in Holly Springs, MS, Jerz has been a part of Sportzfam since it’s inception. As president and sports director of SMG, he helped create the Sportzfam Radio Network in early 2013. Jerz is a huge sports fan and an even bigger fan of all Chicago sports. Aside from his behind the scenes duties with the company, Jerz also contributes blogs, produces shows, and serves as an on-air hosts for some of our frequent radio shows.

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Anwar Jamison- Vice President/Co-Founder

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Anwar Jamison or “The Enlightened One” is the other piece of the Sportzfam Media Group creation. As co-founder of the company, Anwar is always working towards the vision that he, Will, and Walter dreamt many years ago. Anwar, a native of Racine, WI,  is also an accomplished filmmaker, a regular contributor to the Sportzfam video series and a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan.

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Terrika Foster- Associate Sports Director/ Dir. of Marketing


Terrika Foster, but known to most as Tee Nichelle, is a native of Detroit, MI, a graduate of St. Augustine’s University in Raleigh, NC, and a former high school and collegiate athlete who has a passion for analyzing, reporting, and simply talking about sports. While serving as associate sports director and director of marketing for (SMG), Tee received her Masters Degree in New Media Journalism, is a digital editor for ESPN, and has also contributed to Yahoo! Sports. Tee is also an on-air host for the Sportzfam Radio Network.

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Vincent Pride-  Director of Public Relations

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Vincent Pride of Batesville, MS is the newest member to join the Sportzfam Media Group as the Director of Public Relations. Vincent received his degree from Rust College majoring in Mass Communication with emphasis on television and radio. While at Rust, Vincent set the standard as, “The Official Voice of Rust College Bearcat Basketball.”  Sports has always been a vital part of his life as he enters his ninth year with the NFL’s Carolina Panthers organization. Vincent brings a cornucopia of sports knowledge and serves as on-air host for the Sportzfam Radio Network.

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