The fight we’ve all been waiting for… Literally…

The "Mega bout"! The "Fight of the CENTURY"! The reality is this should've been an epic series of fights between 2 of the game's best that's been reduced to a one time "cash grab"...
The “Mega bout”! The “Fight of the CENTURY”! The reality is this should’ve been an epic series of fights between 2 of the game’s best that’s been reduced to a one time “cash grab”.

Published by Jerz on 3/20/2015

I think it’s important for me to make a revelation, before you continue reading this. I don’t fancy myself to be a boxing analyst or expert or anything of the sort. What I am is a casual fan of the sport who enjoys a good fight. It seems like a dream that fans of boxing are finally going to see this bout that they’ve been waiting on for the last 6 years. Many say Floyd Mayweather Jr. (47-0 26 KOs) has been dodging Manny Pacquiao (57-5-2 38 KOs) with more precision than he ducks opponents punches (Pacquiao will tell anyone that will listen that Floyd has been ducking him). Floyd has always maintained there was another force (Bob Arum) in the way of the fight happening. Us as fans (whether diehard or casual) just wanted to see these great fighters lace up there gloves and get it on! Ultimately, money talks last and talks the loudest (no reference to Floyd but actual dollars) and it’s no secret that the 2 fighters involved will break the bank when the dust settles on May 2nd. Optimistic payday predictions show Mayweather Jr. will earn somewhere between $120-$150 million and Paqcuiao stands to collect something in the neighborhood of $80-$100 million. This fight is expected to crush the standing record of PPV buys and revenue respectively and will set both fighters up nicely for the next phase of their lives after boxing.

My main issue is that this fight could’ve happened at least 3 different times by now (in the 6 years the public has been salivating over the idea of it going down). We marvel at the revenue this fight will generate but imagine it was Mayweather Jr./Pacquiao III? The sport of boxing has needed this fight for a long time and even as we’re on the cusp of it finally happening fans still have to some how feel robbed. I know I do. Mayweather Jr. is just as much known for his pre and post fight ranting and banter as he is for his performance in the “squared circle”. Mayweather Jr. would love nothing more than to keep his “goose egg” intact and eventually ride off into the sunset undefeated and dive in fully to his work as a promoter extraordinaire with Mayweather Promotions. What could be better for your brand? The tricky part is what if Pacquiao proves to be the threat to the throne many believe him to be and Mayweather Jr. squeaks by with a decision or even loses? Would the rematch have the same juice? Would Mayweather Jr. detractors finally be satisfied that the boisterous, loud mouth from Grand Rapids who irons stacks of money by the thousands has finally been put in his place? There is no question who has the most to lose here which leads me to my next point. With so much riding on him winning this fight, will Mayweather Jr. be even more defensive in the ring than he has been his last 7 fights or so? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Pacquiao, 36 (l) and Mayweather Jr. 38  (r) are at different levels in their respective careers. Their better performances no doubt in their rear view mirrors but can they still give their fans the showing they've patiently waited on for the last 6 years?
Pacquiao, 36 (l) and Mayweather Jr. 38 (r) are at different levels in their respective careers. Their better performances no doubt in their rear view mirrors but can they still give their fans the showing they’ve patiently waited on for the last 6 years?

When I look at the matchup, I can definitely see Pacquiao giving Mayweather Jr. problems he hasn’t had against recent opponents. Pacquiao’s combination of quickness, hand speed and punch power could be the key to penetrating what has been impregnable defense by Mayweather Jr. One of my biggest issues with Mayweather Jr. is that he doesn’t put together his punches in flurries and give fans what they pay to see. He may lack the knockout power he exhibited earlier in his career but his hand speed and punch accuracy put him in another class. Couple that with some of the best technical defense you’ve seen (since maybe Bernard Hopkins) and that makes him a hard safe to crack. I won’t try to pick a winner or predict an outcome because I haven’t decided who I think will win yet. I doubt I’m the only one out there “on the fence” when it comes to the outcome because this is no “layup” for  either opponent. Like many, I’m jus glad this match is finally taking place and, like most, disappointed this isn’t the 3rd time we’re seeing it. We’ll see what happens in Vegas on May 2nd!

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